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A Limitless Life Can Be Yours!

Beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond what you have always believed about yourself is your true nature. As others have done before us, we can wake-up to this reality and realize the truth about ourselves, our neighbors and our world. Tom invites you to join him in finding the freedom and peace that has always been present in every moment of your life. For you are the very peace and freedom that you have always been seeking.

Takuin – A Question for My Peers

Written on by Tom

My friend Takuin Minamoto mentioned today a blog post he did 2 years ago that generated a lot of discussion, including some (long) comments by yours truly. I just now re-read the discussion, and I have to say, it was quite good. I invite you to have a look and profit from the many questions, comments and responses. A … Continue reading


Are Thoughts the Source of Ego? – Eckhart Tolle

Written on by Tom

I ran across this video clip of Eckhart Tolle answering a woman’s question about thought and ego, and Eckhart did a fantastic job of answering the question. He put to rest the notion that the ego is a thing that is somehow independent, and entity of sorts we must deal with. Watch the video clip. It is well worth 10 … Continue reading


8 First Steps for Someone New (or Old) to Spiritual Awakening: A Beginner’s Guide Part 1

Written on by Tom

I recently received an email from a friend of a friend wanting some help finding a spirituality that would “give [her] some peace.” As I pondered this request, it became clear to me that some sort of “Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Awakening” might be of use to her and hopefully others. This article is the first in what will probably … Continue reading