A Limitless Life Can Be Yours!

Beyond mind, beyond thought, beyond what you have always believed about yourself is your true nature. As others have done before us, we can wake-up to this reality and realize the truth about ourselves, our neighbors and our world. Tom invites you to join him in finding the freedom and peace that has always been present in every moment of your life. For you are the very peace and freedom that you have always been seeking.

Drop Your Spiritual Agenda

Those who truly awaken will, at some point in their journey, drop their spiritual agenda. One of my favorite “awake guys,” Lester Levenson, had no agenda when he woke up. He had no worldly agenda for what awakening would do for him. Lester caught on to the idea that he wanted to be happy. Then he realized he was only … Continue Reading 

How to Truly Love Someone

The way to truly love someone and thus begin setting yourself free is to first acknowledge exactly how you are experiencing this person. Do you love them? Or do you hate them? It is imperative to know exactly how you feel, think about, and see the other person. You can’t let go unless you know! And you simply must let … Continue Reading 

Healing and the Spiritual Journey

For the past eight years, I have been writing notes to myself quite frequently. These notes are often the product of insights I have about my life, the universe, The Infinite, living life, and more. These notes are quite different from journaling as they are often quite spontaneous, such as an email to myself at 2:00 am. I realized this … Continue Reading