A reader passed along the following from Anthony deMello:

“Is Enlightenment easy or difficult?”
“It is as easy and as difficult as seeing what is right before your eyes.”
“How can seeing what is right before one’s eyes be difficult?”
To that the Master responded with the following anecdote:
A girl greeted her boyfriend. “Notice anything different about me?”
“New dress?”
“New shoes?”
“No. Something else.”
“I give up.”
“I’m wearing a gas mask.”

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Howdy Gang!

I’m heading off to California for another 5 day silent retreat with Adyashanti. I’m going less because of Adya and more for the 5 days of SILENCE! It is so nice to give that gift to myself every now and then. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love Adya. He is fun to hang with for 5 days. Maybe I’ll have something to share when I return.

In other news, Tina Su over at Think Simple Now has written a wonderful article entitled How to Get Over Breakups in which she quotes yours truly. The article would have been a good one without my words of wisdom, but with me, well….. Mon Dieu! Fantastique! :-D Seriously give Tina’s article a read. She’s done a very nice job.

Later, gators. See you soon. Namaste.

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Abi Skipp
“Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?”

Funny the thoughts that will rattle through one’s head, completely unbidden. I awoke this morning and kept hearing the Cheers theme song playing in my mind. I could see Norm sitting on his bar stool quipping one-liners that never failed to make me laugh. One of my favorites:

Woody: How’s life treating you Mr. Peterson?

Norm: Like I just ran over its dog.

If you are asking, “what does this silliness have to do with spirituality and awakening?” then I’m afraid I haven’t got a good answer. In a certain sense I’m not trying to make a pithy comment on spiritual awakening. But I will say one thing: all moments of genuine awakening are in fact the only … Continue Reading 

Happy belated New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah. Whatever floats your holiday boat, I hope it was a humdinger. I’ve been a bit behind lately, mainly living life. You know life, right? That thing that happens 24 hours each day. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing stuff we ignore the simplest of things: being alive. Being Life. Being.

Honestly, I wish I had something pithy, amazing, thought provoking or exciting to share with you. But alas, I don’t. For some inexplicable reason, the new year has come and I’m thrilled to simply be. Almost as if that is simply enough. Actually, it is more than enough.

I will leave you with this: what is something you can not do for a few minutes so that you can take a moment to sit and be? Let’s make this the least productive year we’ve ever had! A year for sitting … Continue Reading