It is with a bit of sadness that I have to announce that satsang is coming to an end, at least for the next several (many) months. I will miss doing them, and yet, I have complete conviction that they will return if and when the time is right.

Many factors have gone into this seeming decision. The precipitating factor is that the lease on my office is coming due, and it makes no sense to renew it. The office is my “recording studio”, and without it and the big, fat fiber optic Internet connection it provides me, I cannot broadcast satsang as I’m doing it now. The bottom line is that the office costs me a considerable amount of money each month, and when you add in the other expenses to bring satsang to you all each month, the economics are just plain lousy.

I think it might be possible to create a new “studio” in my home as well as fix the technological obstacles to doing so. However, for the near future, I simply don’t have time to devote to doing all the above. Maybe by the end of the summer or end of the year, but for now, Tom is a busy beaver!

You may have some type of idealistic notion about such things, that satsang and spirituality should not be dependent upon money and income and rent and all these normal, every day human elements that affect our worldly experiences. Sorry, but you would be misguided in your views. We must meet the world on its terms and deal with what we find. Argue with the world of form at your own peril.

On the other hand, when we hit seeming obstacles in our worldly experiences, we get a nice “test” of how clear and awake we are at this time. These obstacles are really, in fact, obstacles within us, points of conflict in our consciousness. That’s not to say that all difficulties are “problems within us.” Rather, they can and usually are pointers to what we need to look at next.

Life can be a simple “flow” from one situation to the next. Even when the situations are not easy or solvable, they can be effortless. In the extreme case, death, while it may not be solvable, i.e., the body is going to die, we can meet it and experience it with no effort. Now that is flow!

Upon exploration, I have discovered that there is something within me that is “blocked” with regard to spiritual teaching. I don’t know what it is yet, but something is in conflict that I need to take a good long look at. As a result, the outer experience of the role and “business” of spiritual teaching has not gone smoothly. I am determined to see through these blocks, and then we shall see what we shall see.

For now, please enjoy the Shortcuts if you are still receiving them. I may, from time to time, write new ones. And I may also post an article or two on the website.

Thank you all for the past 2 years of being able to bring satsang to you via the Internet. Maybe we will get to do it again someday.

Until then, be well. Namaste.

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