Putting Attention on Awareness

A friend and reader with whom I’ve corresponded many times over the past few years recently sent me an email with some questions. In my reply, I made reference to a practice that I had done that had made a real difference in my experience. She wanted to know what  …

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Words, Labels and Truth

When I have time, I love to respond to my reader's questions. I want to share a few recent emails I've exchanged with someone:Reader: Hello Tom, Can I ask you a question? In your recent posting of your tweets, you said:"No matter what I write down, it isn’t true. No matter what I think, it isn’t true."Adya also said the same thing in his book. This sentence basically contradicts itself. But I think maybe you are saying it is not "completely" true. Or you have a better elaboration?My response: Yes, the sentence does contradict itself. Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat ...

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Clear Seeing

I finished another 5 day silent retreat with Adyashanti on Friday, and from that retreat came something new: an intense desire to see everything clearly. I want to know, really know, what is real. Clear seeing seems, at this point in my journey, to be the most important thing in the Universe. Nothing matters but the clarity of my vision.What do I mean by clear seeing? That's kind of hard to describe. At this point, the best I can do is say that clear seeing is perceiving the world, life, self, everything, with the purest of sight. Only what is true seems to matter. Anything that I don't know for absolute certainty must go. Basically, all beliefs are not wanting to be believed. Clear seeing appears to be freedom.I'll have more to say about my retreat, my experiences, this blog, you name it, in the near future. For now, I wanted to share the above as I sit here at San Jose International Airport enjoying American Airlines postponing my flight. Ain't life a trip? Seriously, it's a blast.Be well, my friends. More soon. Namaste.

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Off to ANOTHER Retreat and Other News

Howdy Gang!I'm heading off to California for another 5 day silent retreat with Adyashanti. I'm going less because of Adya and more for the 5 days of SILENCE! It is so nice to give that gift to myself every now and then. Don't get me wrong, though, I love Adya. He is fun to hang with for 5 days. Maybe I'll have something to share when I return.In other news, Tina Su over at Think Simple Now has written a wonderful article entitled How to Get Over Breakups in which she quotes yours truly. The article would have been a good one without my words of wisdom, but with me, well..... Mon Dieu! Fantastique! :-D Seriously give Tina's article a read. She's done a very nice job.Later, gators. See you soon. Namaste.

Creative Commons License credit: joejiang.sg

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All Thinking Is Conditioned – Adyashanti

All of our thoughts are conditioned. We all are thinking exactly along the lines we are conditioned to think. Programmed like a computer. Anybody who thinks they are actually choosing of their own free will the line of thinking that they have is completely deluded by their thinking.

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Spiritual Awakening – Adyashanti’s View

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Jorge Bassy
In my last article, I shared some ideas about the proverbial "enlightened guy." As I mentioned, I prefer the term awakening as it has a little less historical baggage associated with it, but no matter, I think we all know at least something about the subject, no matter what we call it. As spiritual awakening is one of the primary topics of this site, I thought it would be good to have some more discussion about it. And interestingly, Adyashanti provided just what I needed....

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Sedona Method Retreat Day 1

Greetings from Sedona, Arizona. It is beautiful, it is hot, the hiking is superb and the food excellent. Yes, I am here to attend a 9 day Sedona Method retreat, but being in Sedona is part of the experience. I came early this time, so I had a day and a half to enjoy this marvelous town. I've been to Sedona 14 times in 12 years, both for retreats and pleasure. One of my favorite places in the world.Last night the retreat began. The supposedly "advanced" 9 day retreat is a mixture of Advaita-style non-duality teachings (think Nisargadatta Maharaj and Adyashanti) with a touch of personal development and a pinch of basic Sedona Method. It is very different, though, from what other teachers do for a non-dual type retreat in that our "guru" for the 9 days, Hale Dwoskin, actively yet gentle engages people directly to see past their limited sense of self or "me-ness" as he would say.It was very obvious that for a lot of people in the audience (160 attendees, by the way), these ideas, while not complete new, were a bit difficult to understand. Hale's intro left a lot of people scratching their heads. Even those of us who knew all about it were forced to wonder. As my friend Kerry put it, "Even though I did this same retreat 15 months ago, I am still wondering what we are going to be doing here for 9 days." ...

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Oneness is Not Found in Thoughts: Adyashanti

Get 20 "enlightened beings," 20 of the greatest avatars that ever walked the earth and put them together. The most enlightened avatars from the whole of humanity, get 20 of them in the same room, and start asking them about the thoughts in their heads. And they're not going to agree. Because that's not where the Oneness is. That's not what's unifying. It's only if you get down to the fundamental nature of being. Then there could be agreement.

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Adyashanti Retreat Report No. 2

I finished my second 5 day retreat with Adyashanti last Friday, and I’d like to share with you my experience once again. I will follow the same basic format as the last report, so have fun doing a comparison between the two.

Purpose of the Retreat

As I mentioned in my last retreat report, the purpose of the retreat was to deepen one's experience of Truth, to experience a true opening or moment of pure awareness, and to possibly experience an abiding awakening. Adyashanti is a big proponent of "awakening in this lifetime, if not now."


A middle class guy, he used to work as a machinist before he started the spiritual teacher gig. Serious student of Zen for 15 years. A talented speaker and teacher. A guy who likes playing poker. All these are descriptions of Adyashanti. And while I could list 20 more, none of them would even come close to explaining to you what he is like.

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Adyashanti Retreat Report

I attended a 5 day retreat with Adyashanti back in December, 2007, and I prepared the following report immediately afterwards. Reports like these about spiritual teachers and retreats are few and far between on the web, but since I find them to be quite helpful to me personally, I thought I would share my experience with a wider audience.The purpose of the retreat was to deepen one's experience of Truth, to experience a true opening or moment of pure awareness, and to possibly experience a true awakening. Adyashanti is a big proponent of "awakening in this lifetime, if not now."I've been quite excited about Adya and his teachings since last April. He has had a huge impact upon me.

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