Sedona Method Retreat Final Days

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While retreats can be many things, and can provide many different benefits to people, I often find that it is the little comments by the guy up front that really makes or break my experience. One simple change in wording of an oft repeated phrase or instruction can make all the difference.

While Hale Dwoskin, the head honcho of the Sedona Method and heir to Sedona Method creator Lester Levenson, is many things to many people, one thing he is for certain is a master at training and teaching. He can often find just that perfect turn of phrase that really makes a difference. I think the following items from Hale that made it into my notebook will suffice for almost everyone’s spiritual development:

  • Can you let the body-mind take care of itself? In fact, it already is taking care of itself. It doesn’t need “your” help.
  • Your patterns [conditioned behaviors that we repeat over and over] cannot survive direct examination.
  • How do you cut to the root of a problem [in your life or experience]? Ask, “who is it happening to?”
  • Another way to cut to the root of a problem is to ask, “Is the problem even here now? What is actually here now?” And whatever is here, does it need to change for you to be what you already are?
  • Everything you are seeking [via goals] IS what you already are? It is all presence/awareness, and so are you.
  • Discover there is no separation between what you want and what you are.
  • Everything always resolves itself.
  • All body-minds do is tell stories about what was. And that isn’t a problem.
  • Be open to the possibility that this time right now of looking at the truth of who you are may be the last time you ever need to do so. Identity may permanently drop away.

I hope you have enjoyed these reports on the Sedona Method Advanced Retreat as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. The retreat ended today, and while I had hoped to do a daily update, at least I managed to write to you 5 times. Tomorrow begins a 3 day Sedona Method coaching training, the 2nd in a series of 2 trainings that are being offered. I’m told over 100 people will be attending as this is the first time it is being offerred. I will try to do a report on it by the end of the week (probably while sitting in airports on Thursday).

In the coming weeks, I plan to do some additional articles on the Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin and related topics. My original review of the Sedona Method audio program only tells a part of the fuller story of how the Method works and how far it actually goes along the spiritual path.

Namaste…. Tom

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  • Davidya

    Thanks for the updates Tom. Nice to get an insiders view. And you’re so right about a turn of phrase. I’ve seen people awaken on just that – hearing something just a bit different or hearing it right for the first time. Onto fertile ground…

    I will be attending 2 retreats next month but will not be able to do this for either. No Internet access at one (its remote), the other is silent. Perhaps a post summary. Its shaping up to be a remarkable month.

    Davidya’s last blog post..Is God Real?

  • Tim Brownson

    I’ve been scanning your stuff in my reader this week Tom and enjoying what I’ve read, but I intend to catch up this weekend now I have a bit of free time.

    I have to say those questions are stunningly powerful and yet at the same time simple (like all great things, huh?). I really want to do The Sedona Method and it’s going on my goal list today for when I have the finances to get myself out there.

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

  • Tom Stine

    @Davidya Given that awakening is simply a realization of truth, it can be just a simple word that finally causes the letting go. “Arrows meeting in mid-air.”

    @Albert I’ll have the final post up by tomorrow. A nice summary.

    @Corinne Glad you’ve enjoyed the posts so far!

    @Anand Glad to have you as a reader. I will have more on the retreat in a day or two.

    @Tim The Sedona Method really works. I’m struck each time I attend a retreat at how well it cuts to the heart of everything. It isn’t the only thing that works, but it is a good one. It has literally changed my life. I think I might do a post in a few weeks on the gains I’ve had. :-)

  • Davidya

    Exactly Tom. Just the right word at the right time and suddenly we let go. Then its all over. For the ego that is (laughs)

    Davidya’s last blog post..Poverty declining Worldwide

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