Off to Sedona

I'm sitting at the "luxurious" Springfield-Branson National Airport (what a "national" airport is, I don't really know) waiting on my delayed flight to Dallas and then on to Phoenix. Hopefully, I will be relaxing in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona by the time the sun goes down. It will be toasty warm in Sedona, 102ºF (39ºC), but dry as a bone. Phoenix is a lung searing 112ºF (44ºC) today. Ouch!Why am I going to Sedona, you ask? To attend my 7th Sedona Method retreat. This one is 9 days long and supposedly "advanced." There will be lots of good spiritual inquiry involved, which is always nice. Following this 9 day retreat will be the first "Level 2 Coaching Training" that Hale (Mr. Sedona Method) has offered, which I will of course be attending. It should be both fun and very educational.My plan is to do frequent reports on my experiences at the retreat, hopefully in the form of short, daily articles. We shall see. But my reports to you will definitely be frequent. The retreat starts Saturday evening, so look for my first report on Sunday.Be well. More soon. Namaste.

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The Sedona Method – A Review

red rock crossing sedona
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I’ve mentioned the Sedona Method more than a few times in past articles, so it feels like time to write a comprehensive review of it."Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being!"If you go to you will see the above prominently displayed at the top of the page. So the question foremost in anyone's mind who is exploring the Sedona Method is: does this program work? Will it really bring me lasting happiness, success, peace and emotional well-being? ...

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The Practical Side of All This Thought Stuff

I have a coaching client who has quite a bit of difficulty using his hands and arms due to a long-term problem of pain and stiffness. I frequently type notes for him during and after our sessions so he has a reminder of what we discussed, plus it is a good way to make certain he knows what he will be working on between sessions.We've been working together for a while, and I have worked with him often on his beliefs about the various issues in his life. Obviously from my last few articles, I've had thoughts, beliefs and thinking on my mind of late, and during our coaching session last week, I said something to him about his thoughts and beliefs on a few subjects, and then I typed the following into my notes for him:

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Shining the light upon the world

Shining the Light

As I have progressed along my spiritual path, I have felt at times as if I am being led to a better and better understanding of how the spiritual journey works. I started out, only naturally I suppose, wanting primarily to "feel better" both mentally and physically. As time has passed, I have moved a little away from that original goal toward feeling more and more as if I want to be helpful to others. Don't get me wrong; I have always wanted to help. But the feeling I have now is a bit more selfless, a bit more "other focused" rather than self focused. It is, to say the least, a wonderful feeling.

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Letting go of the farmer

And You Live Where? An Inquiry into Letting Go

Every time I travel, I usually meet people from many parts of the U.S. and the world. The conversation moves around the usual topics, and invariably includes the question, "Where are you from?" In response, I usually pause, take a deep breath, and respond, "Springfield, Missouri." If the person I speaking with is from the U.S., they usually seem to know where Missouri is located, although you can see from the look in their eyes that they have never been there (and have no plans for visiting). If they are from other parts of the wide, wide world, their eyes actually glaze-over as they contemplate their mental map of the world and discover that something called "Missouri" doesn't exist on it. And everyone always asks the question that I know is coming, the one that caused me to take a deep breath: "So, what's it like living there?"What's it like? I've given as many different answers as the number of people I have met. What's it like? Well....

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