Awakened Persons: Why Things Are Different When Around Them

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light and awakened beings

A reader sent a question about “awakened beings” to me the other day, and I would like to share it and my answer with all of you.

Reader’s Question:

Why do I feel there is a difference in my being when I sit in front of an awakened person than a normal person even though I am just simply sitting there?

Tom’s Answer:

Thanks for the question. I believe I can give you a good answer, because I’ve experienced the same thing in the past, too.

Someone who is awakened knows, in the deepest possible way, that you are themselves. It isn’t a case of oneness or joining, it is LITERALLY that what you are, the consciousness looking out of your eyes, is exactly the same as what they are. One consciousness, looking out of billions of pairs of eyes.

And from that place, all the normal “laws” of how things work get a bit pliable. We call this “a miracle” or even magic. And one of those magical things that often happens is that the openness of the consciousness in the “awakened person” is so clear and powerful that it literally is calling to the exact same consciousness in you. You are being magnetically drawn to the Truth of what you are, and that Truth is powerful and can literally be experienced in a mental, emotional, and even physical way.

Let me give you an example from my experience. The first time I went to a retreat with Adyashanti, we were sitting in a large hall, about 300 people. The retreat manager talked with us for a bit that evening, and then said Adya would be speaking for a while and was on his way to the hall. As we all sat silently waiting on Adya, I heard the back door open and close. I have no idea how I knew, but I was certain it was Adya coming in.

I was sitting on the far left side on a large aisle, and as I sat there with my eyes closed, I heard footsteps start coming forward on the wooden floor. Bare feet, thud, thud, thud. Again, I knew it was Adya. And just about the moment when the footsteps were even with where I was sitting, a light came on in my head.

Now, when I say light, I don’t mean a little blue light, a fuzzy little 40 watt bulb in my mind’s eye, or something similar. I mean STADIUM LIGHTING, the kind of lights that are visible from space, 100,000 watts of blazing light. This light was so intense and bright that I opened my eyes to see if someone had turned on the lights in the hall (it was rather dimly lit). Nope, when I opened my eyes, the hall was still dim. At least, that’s what I could tell through the haze of bright light shining in my inner vision, so bright it was spilling out into my regular vision, giving everything a bit of a glow. So, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the intense spectacle of light.

In that few seconds my eyes were opened, I did catch a glimpse of Adya walking up that aisle, so I knew for certain that the footsteps were his and, it certainly seemed, that he was the cause, in a sense, of that light. It did fade after about 20 minutes or so after he began his talking. But there was no doubt as to what happened: Adya’s clear, empty Presence simply awoke the same clear Presence in me, and it turned the volume up in a way that made the Truth so much more apparent to me. And the power of it manifested as a light shining brightly in my head. And needless to say, that was a very powerful retreat for me!

I hope that answers your question. Thanks for writing. Namaste…. Tom

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  • Eugene Phoa

    The “stadium light” is something that I can relate with.

    Around 4 months ago, I was at a tibetan buddhist meditation center in dharamsala. Being the most studious person in the retreat, I was the last person in the gompa on the first night. And with good reason as I knew “something” would happen.

    I sat down in half lotus in front of a statue of Lama Tsong Khapa and closed my eyes to meditate. I was extremely calm and then my body started buzzing. Then this white light blasted out so strongly that it blew my eyes open. It was different to emptiness. It was like someone had turned on a spotlight in my face!

    It happened again the next night but that time I ended up kinda floating in a white room like in The Matrix.

    I’m guessing it is similar to what you explain above? Also, The Matrix white room…what is that?

    Ps. Love your work!

  • Tom Stine

    Hi Eugene! Yes, you can relate! Those kind of experiences leave one with little doubt that “something more” is going on in this world of ours. :-)

    That said, and in reply to your Matrix white room question: personally, I attribute zero meaning to spiritual experiences other than the shift or change that occurs in me as a result. If there is something more to it, then it usual gets revealed to me, and that is another miraculous thing or experience. I’ve found that often there will be subtle changes in the world around me: people act differently, say unusual things, I get a bit “lucky,” and things like that. The key is to just enjoy it all without trying to figure any of it out.

    At least, that’s how it seems to me! Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you enjoy my work. :-)

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